Survey on the European Left Party III

Data, profiles, personal values and views of delegates

The present survey on the Party of the European Left (EL) is based on the answers given to the questionnaires by the delegates on the 5th Congress of the EL, held in Berlin between 16 and 18 December 2016.


The survey was conducted by transform! europe. It is the third survey that has been published. The reports of the previous surveys (Paris 2010 and Madrid 2013) can be found in transform! europe website.

This sequence of surveys aims to provide on the one hand, the statistical and analytical tools and framework addressing issues useful for the understanding of the radical left, the Party of the European Left and are needed for the elaboration of their policies; and on the other, a record of the transformations taken place as well as of the trends on the views and the profiles of the delegates of the congresses. To that end, an effort has been made, during the elaboration of the questionnaire, to enlarge the aspects of the views of the delegates adding new questions, keeping at the same time all the core questions in order to clarify trends and possible shifts.
The main analytical classification tools were a) age, b) sex and, c) regional profile of the delegates. On some issues this classification revealed significant differences in the delegates’ answers. Regional differences were more distinct, especially regarding the answers of delegates representing parties from Eastern Europe.

Please find the report for download as PDF on the left/below (mobile version) at “Documentation”.