“The Future Is Now” Exhibition – Abril é Agora / April Is Now

On the 25th of April of 1974, a military coup conducted by captains put an end to the 48 year old Portuguese dictatorship. In the early hours of that day, the popular enthousiasm and will ensured the onset of the Carnation Revolution that would last for 19 months.
During this period, the deep collective desire for change and popular initiative translated into major demonstrations, strikes, self-management of factories and companies, collectively demanding and building better working and living conditions.

This combative and revolutionary popular movement constituted one of the most powerful pillars of the Portuguese Constitution and indelibly marked the first 50 years of democracy.

This exhibition depicts the workers’ movement and struggles that rook place between April and September 1974 and honour those who fought and died in the battles against exploitation, against oppression, against the colonial war, or, as was proclaimed at the time, “for Bread, for Peace, for Land, for Freedom and for Democracy”.

The exhibition was compiled by transform! europe and our member organisation cul:tra (Cultures of Labour and Socialism) as part of the Abril é Agora project.

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