The New Right and the Old Left in South-East Europe


In recent years Europe has experienced an unexpected rise in the power and influence of the far-right. At the same time, some of the traditionally most important left-wing parties experienced their demise. To shed a light on the interconnectedness of these two processes, transform! europe offers this eDossier.



This text brings together different essays and articles previously published by regional portal supported by Belgrade office of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, offering a unique and valuable overview of The New Right and the Old Left in South-East Europe. Although written in specific contexts during the last four years, these articles provide a deeper, analytic understanding of broader political developments, so none of them lost its relevance.


Please find the eDossier for download on the right/below (mobile version) in ‘Documents’ (English and Croatian, PDF).


Table Of Content


The Old Left

Florin Poenaru: Social Democrats in Power: Romanian Case
Artan Sadiku: Reforming Macedonian political system
Nenad Glišić: Decay of Serbian Social Democracy
Rade Dragojević: Social Democracy on the Periphery: A Brand Without Political Content
Dinko Kreho: Political paralysis of “civic” option
Angelina Giannopoulou: Where “pasokification” was born: A glimpse of PASOK’s collapse

The New Right

Tadej Kurepa: Serbian Neonazis on Hold
Miloš Perović: Network of Black International in Serbia
Florin Poenaru: Is there extreme right in Romania?
Stanislav Dodov: Bulgaria’s Refugee-Hunters
Tjaša Pureber: New faces of fascism in Slovenia
Walter Baier: We Are Living in Dangerous Times