Progressive Solutions for the Pandemic

Cycle of Political Debates

For the first time, political foundations and centers for political training for have joined efforts to discuss left and progressive solutions and ways out of the crisis we live in.


Organised by Instituto Lula (Brazil), CIFRA/CTA (Argentina), Liber Seregni Foundation (Uruguay), Instituto of Political Formation of MORENA (Mexico) and transform! europe.

The objectives of this circle are to present and discuss the different policy proposals of the democratic and popular camp related with the Covid-19 pandemic in countries such as Argentine, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and France.

The current health crisis of global dimension has once again demonstrated the ineffectiveness of neoliberalism in solving the general but also the specific problems of the working class. The adoption of heterodox economic and social policies by some countries in the face of the emergency has only allowed to alleviate the severity of unemployment, poverty and hunger, but they do not combat or solve these problems structurally. In the face of government action that at the moment only focuses on the consequences of the crisis, not its causes, the left, democratic and popular political forces aim to propose different measures from those pursued by the neoliberal governments. Therefore, it is essential to know, understand and discuss alternative proposals for the different political scenarios in the seven selected countries in order to think about ways to overcome the crisis. The emphasis of the discussions should be on the proposals rather than the analyses, also to underline that the forces of the left do have answers to offer.

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese


Fecha y hora:
Del 22 de febrero al 3 de marzo de 2021
12 pm a 2 pm en horario de Ciudad de México / 3 pm a 5 pm en el horario de Montevideo, Buenos Aires y Brasília / 6 pm a 8 pm en horario de Lisboa / 7 pm a 9 pm en el horario de Madrid e Paris.


22/02: Diagnóstico y respuestas uruguayas – Fundación Liber Seregni (Frente Amplio)
23/02: Diagnóstico y respuestas francesas – transform! europe
24/02: Diagnóstico y respuestas argentinas – Centro de Investigación y Formación de la República Argentina (CTA-T)
25/02: Diagnóstico y respuestas españolas – transform! europe
26/02: Diagnóstico y respuestas mexicanas – Instituto de Formación Política (MORENA)
01/03: Diagnóstico y respuestas portuguesas – transform! europe
02/03: Diagnóstico y respuestas brasileñas – Instituto Lula
03/03: Debate Final