8 March – A Day of International Feminist Solidarity

Source: Public Domain via getArchive

On behalf of the transform! europe network, Marga Ferré, Co-President of transform! europe, sends warm greetings and solidarity to all women and to all those who are working for a gender-equitable world and a just and discrimination-free society.

8 March, International Women’s Day, is a day to celebrate the achievements in the feminist struggles, but also a day to acknowledge how much remains to be done.

In a post-pandemic world, shaken by increasing precarisation and military conflicts, gender relations and workers’ struggles are taking a sharper, even radical turn. Right-wing and far-right discourses in Europe threaten women’s rights and the progress of feminist movements. The current backlash takes us back decades, with the anti-gender movements and fascist tendencies fighting women’s and minority rights endangering the future of the next generations.

In these transitions, critical feminist responses become a necessary counterpart to social diagnoses and responses, and we at transform Europe want to reaffirm our commitment to gender equality, transformative feminism and the struggles of women across our continent and around the world. We know that this utopian vision can only become a reality in a fundamentally different society.

This includes various forms and strategies of contemporary resistance such as the International Women’s Strike, refugee networks and solidarities, and trade unionism as political activism.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to continue working to end gender oppression and the exploitation of people and the earth in order to achieve, as we have no doubt we will, a society of free and equal men and women! This can only be achieved together, in international solidarity and with the full empowerment of the women of the world!

Happy and militant 8 March!

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