“For a Social Ecological Transformation: Transversal Dialogue Starting from Laudato Si’”

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This conference is inviting contributions from all disciplinary fields exploring the possibilities of a transversal social ethics in the sense of Laudato si’ and social ecological transformation, and aiming at investigating the relevance of this text for thinking about alternatives to the current anthropological and socio-ecological crisis.

he event is co-organised by transform! europe together with DIALOP – Transversal Dialogue Project, the Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung and the Sophia University Institute Doctoral School.

The conference will take place at the Sophia University Institute – Incisa Valdarno (Florence, Italy) on 11-13 January 2024.

Please find below a presentation of the conference and its topics as well as how to submit your proposal.

Integral call for submissions here (PDF).

Transversal Dialogue

Christianity and socialism have historically been at odds with each other, yet both have played a significant role in shaping the world we live in today. However, something has changed since the days of intransigent atheism and militant anticlericalism on the one hand and excommunication under the banner of irreconcilable anti-Marxism on the other.

The project of a transversal social ethic (promoted by the Sophia University Institute and DIALOP) aims to bring these two communities together constructively and positively, despite the sufferings and challenges of yesterday and today.

The importance of dialogue cannot be underestimated, especially in the face of global threats such as nuclear confrontation, the devastating impact of globalisation, wars, exploitation of resources, climate emergency and environmental degradation, policies to close doors to refugee and migrant flows, and much more.

Despite these challenges, humanity has always produced and can still produce credible proposals to address the fundamental problems that our changing world is facing.

In this context, Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato si’ has become one of the fundamental texts for understanding and navigating the current anthropological and ecological-social crisis. Rather than simply denying it, treating it with indifference or comfortable resignation, or thinking it can be solved by blind faith in technical solutions, it needs to be faced starting from a “new universal solidarity” (LS §14) founded – as we propose – in a transversal social ethic that requires the participation and involvement of each and everyone: individuals and institutions and governments, at the local and international levels.

Promoting a transversal social ethics starting from Laudato si’

This call for papers aims to explore what can be recognised as shared principles for a common social ethics of socialist-inspired social critique and Christian social ethics, with the aim of generating proposals for change and transformation in a wide range of fields, starting from the proposal outlined in Laudato si’ and left-wing alternatives. How can we realise an economy of life, a community of care, a politics of transformation in solidarity, a future of ecological peace?

Some lines, fields, and objectives of a transversal social ethics have already been outlined in a Position Paper on perspectives common to socialists/Marxists and Christian scholars which can be consulted here: dialop.eu/press/press-material/position-paper .


Call for abstracts:

This conference is inviting contributions that explore these possibilities of a transversal social ethics between different starting points in the sense of Laudato si’ and social ecological transformation, welcoming proposals from all disciplinary fields, aimed at exploring the relevance of this text for thinking about alternatives to the current anthropological and socio-ecological crisis.

Abstracts of proposals may include, but need not be limited to, the following topics:

  • The socio-economic roots of the ecological crisis: the relationship between poverty and the fragility of the planet;
  • the critique of the technocratic paradigm and forms of power derived from technology;
  • techno-scientific development and social-ecological crisis;
  • integral ecology: environment, social relations, spiritual life;
  • new ways of understanding economics and alternatives to the progress paradigm;
  • the responsibility of national and international politics in the face of the global socio-ecological crisis;
  • waste culture, new alternative ways of life;
  • ecological conversion and community conversion: achieving shared solutions through the “differentiated consensus and qualified dissent” method (see here);
  • theology and philosophy at the service of a new ecological and social paradigm.

Practical information:

  • Who can submit: We accept individual paper proposals (max. 2000 characters incl. spaces) or panel proposals comprising three paper presentations on the same topic (max. 6000 characters incl. spaces).
  • Language: Proposals can be written in Italian or English.
  • Proposal submission deadline & modalities: All proposals must be sent no later than 30 September 2023 using the following online google form forms.gle/7FBHUFMKTz8hVt7x5
  • Response to Proposal: The response will be communicated by 16 October 2023 and the author will have 5 days to confirm his/her attendance at the conference.
  • Contact: dialopconference2024 AT gmail.com
  • Organisers: Sophia University Institute Doctoral School; DIALOP – Transversal Dialogue Project; Transform Europe; Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.
  • Name of the event: International Conference “For a social ecological transformation — Transversal dialogue starting from Laudato Si’ “
  • Dates of the conference: 11-13 January 2024
  • Venue: Sophia University Institute – Incisa Valdarno (Florence, Italy). The conference will be held with physical attendance.

For more detailed information, please read the complete call for proposals in PDF format on the left / below (smartphones) in the “Documents” section on this web page.