Towards Europe’s Productive Transformation – an Emergency

transform! Discussion Paper #5, March 2015

Issues revolving around an alternative European industrial policy and a productive transformation addressing social needs and ecological imperatives are at the core of the work carried out by the transform! Economists Working Group (TEWG).

This collective Discussion Paper intends to present a contribution for a new model of development for Europe, beyond austerity-crisis politics and the shortcomings of the European Commission’s “Jobs, Growth and Investment Package” also known as “Juncker Plan”.


Towards Europe’s Productive Transformation – an Emergency
For an Alternative Industrial Policy
Online publication by transform! europe, released in March 2015, 12 pages

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The transform! Discussion Papers constitute a new and flexible form of our publications. They are mainly published in English and distributed via our website. The papers are meant to provide analyses and perspectives for discussion at irregular intervals, therefore they don’t necessarily represent a common consensus of the organisations involved in the network. The responsibility for the content lies with the contributor. The criteria upon which topics are chosen, contributors requested and articles selected lies in the responsibility with the managing board of transform! europe. It’s our goal to provide material of our own work, which is useful also for the political practice of social movements, trade unions and political activists.