Re-appropriating Europe as a Common


Despite the return to modest economic growth in the EU and the Euro group the scars of the economic crisis persist. The European Union still operates in a crisis mode. Inside the Left a debate on how to cope with the crisis of European integration has begun.


transform! and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation co-organised a public discussion within the framework of the “European Forum of Progressive Forces” in Marseille in November 2017. Τhe European Forum of Progressive Forces is a new space for long-term political cooperation that aims to bring together a very broad panel of left, green and progressive parties, of platforms and political movements, trade unions and social organisations, NGOs, intellectuals and citizens’ movements from all over Europe. While during 2017 the Forum took place in Marseille, in 2018 it is organised in Bilbao, Spain where the forces of the left are facing a reconfiguration due not only to the decision of the two left parties to walk the same path (Unidos Podemos), but also to the recent governmental change that brought PSOE under Pedro Sanchez’ leadership into power.