Europe Has a Different Future

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The brochure “Europe Has a Different Future” is a co-production of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and transform! europe and collects critical contributions from Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Germany and other countries.


It is a translation of the original German edition (published as supplement of the newspaper “Neues Deutschland” in collaboration with the Magazine “LuXemburg”).

Download the brochure on the left (pdf, 418 KB).


Mario Candeias, Lukas Oberndorfer, Anne Steckner
Refounding Europe? Strategic Orientations

Pierre Laurent
A Historic Moment: The Left and Europe

Alexis Tsipras
Move Forward. Change Has Already Begun

Daniel Albarracín, Nacho Álvarez, Bibiana Medialdea, Francisco Louçã, Mariana Mortagua, Michel Husson, Stavros Tombazos, Giorgos Galanis, Özlem Onaran
What to Do About the Debt and the Euro? A Manifesto

Armando Fernández Steinko
A Mediterranean Bloc? Southern Europe in Search for an Alternative

Fabio Amato
The Tsipras List: A European Perspective to Overcome
Divisions in the Italian Left

Stipe Ćurković
Europe and the New Left in Croatia

Walter Baier
Time of Monsters, a Time to Be Brave

Thomas Händel
Social Europe? The Ongoing Dismantlement

Sandro Mezzadra, Toni Negri
Breaking the Neoliberal Spell: Europe as the Battleground

Bernd Riexinger
Spectre on the Left