And still, It is Moving!

eBrochure on International Feminist Movements

transform! europe collected short spots on feminist struggles in Argentina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.


From women’s history we know that it is the weakest first that are affected by social distortions. The “class-war from above” follows the same, monotonous script: the elderly, ill, people from migration backgrounds, the poor and the uneducated – with many women in all these groups due to economic and sexist exploitation – are the first victims of a restrictive social policy. They are the first for whom the social network begins tearing apart. In many countries of the world, women rise and demand what a patriarchal, capitalist society withholds from them. By means of strikes, demonstrations and subversive actions of resistance they draw attention to their demands.

“When I was a young woman, I thought that the politics of gender equality was always moving in one direction, sometimes faster, sometimes more slowly, but still moving forward. That is not the case”, Hanna Herbst is quoting SPD-politician Katarina Barley in her book Feministin sagt man nicht (You Don’t Say Feminist). The great surprise about a backwards movement regarding the achievements women have fought for is replaced by the realization that resistance is necessary and more so than ever before. “Resistance requires a perspective, a ‘where to’ and it requires more than one individual” (Frigga Haug). Our short reports about women’s resistance in other countries show that in times of global crises the same principle of economic, sexual, misogynistic exploitation rules everywhere.

The short spots on women’s struggles in Argentina, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey show that sexism, discrimination of women and antifeminism are international. “Never doubt that a small group of attentive, determined citizens can change the world. In fact, they are the only ones who have ever brought that about”, Margaret Mead is quoted in the book mentioned above. And still, it is moving, the women’s movement.


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Bärbel Danneberg, And still, It is Moving!
SPAIN: Nora García Nieves, And Now We Want Everything
GEORGIA: Salome Chagelishvili, Women‘s Solidarity March Against Violence and Ultranationalism
BULGARIA: Julia Vladimirova, The Feminist Struggle Must Start Again
TURKEY: Selin Çağatay, 2019 Has Begun and, as Women, We Are Now Stronger and More United!
PORTUGAL: Andrea Peniche, Feminist Strike Also in Portugal,
SLOVENIA: Nika Kolač, Struggle for the Amendment of the Law on Rape and Sexual Violence
GREECE: Angelina Giannopoulou, Note on Feminist Struggles in Greece, Angelina Giannopoulou
ARGENTINA: Claudia Krieglsteiner, Ni una más!
SWEDEN: Josefine Landberg, Reclaim The Night