Transform!Danmark has been established in February 2012 in Copenhagen and is a broad-based leftwing association and network with members from a number of leftwing Danish media, as well as political parties. It seeks to become a coordinator of fora, organizations, media and periodicals and networks on the left to create a common platform for exchange of progressive ideas and developing alternatives.

Transform!Danmark aims to promote a critical and well-founded analysis of present developments – the multiple crises including the crisis of Capitalism – and seeks in particular to raise a debate on alternatives in Denmark, Europe and globally based on a leftwing and democratic socialist perspective. As such it is EU-critical and wishes to challenge and break with current neoliberal and social liberal views in order to liberate thinking and thereby contribute to a transformation of society.

The main activities of Transform!Danmark so far are to organize international conferences and public meetings to spread information and ideas and inspire a necessary debate on alternatives to present capitalist society.