The Research Institute “PROMITHEAS” is a non-profit research centre, that was founded with the aim to promote interdisciplinary research. The fundamental goals of the Institute include the promotion, conduct and use of systematic scientific research as a tool of critical analysis, dialogue and understanding of the political, social, economic and cultural environment, producing at the same time specific proposals and suggestions.

The research interests of the Institute include – but are not exhausted to – issues of society, culture, history, politics, economy, international relations, climate challenges, youth, gender studies, media and European issues.

One of the Institute’s central fields of actions is the organization, undertaking and participation in bi-communal actions, researches and studies aiming at the peaceful re-unification of our homeland. At the same time, we deem that it is a prerequisite – both for the achievement of the goal for re-unification and the democratic and peaceful education of Cypriots – to develop critical thinking in Cyprus.