Iratzar Foundation

Iratzar (“Awakening”) is a Basque pro-Independence Foundation, created by Sortu’s initiative, we are situated in the field of social criticism, and the development of progressive alternatives.

Iratzar was born to collaborate with all those individuals and institutions that both in Euskal Herria and in the world, put the sustainability of life at the center of their political, social and cultural action. Our main field of intervention will be the battle of ideas at the service of the strategy that seeks a free, socialist, Basque and feminist Euskal Herria.

We have already implemented the following tools:

Archive, documentation, investigation and interpretation of the historical memory of the pro-independence left.

Periscope: Space for analysis and reflection on the challenges and trends of a future for broad popular strata.

Political school: A space for popular political education that empowers activists.

Publication, dissemination, and exchange of knowledge among homologous foundations.