Institute of the Czech Left (ICL)

Institut české levice, Institute of the Czech Left, is a legal entity whose main focus is publishing, educational, and cultural activities in the areas of

(a) the development of democracy, the rule of law, pluralism and the protection of fundamental human rights,
(b) the development of civil society and social cohesion,
(c) promoting the active participation of citizens in public life,
(d) improving the quality of political culture and public debate,
(e) contributing to international understanding and cooperation,
(f) to establish international cooperation with research institutions, associations and think tanks focused on left-wing politics.

The purpose of the Institute is to open up, discuss, reflect upon and process the topics of modern left politics and to strive for its good reputation in society, primarily through its own research activity, the organisation of various specialist conferences, seminars and lectures. The Institute also aims to produce analyses and publications on left-wing topics.