Institute for Social, Ecological and Economic Studies

The ISW was founded in 1990 by Marxist economists, social and natural scientists and activists from unions, social and ecological organisations. So far, the institute has produced about 120 studies (edition: some thousands), each year detailed statistical material about the development in Germany (Wirtschaftsinfo) and moreover, it has organized hundreds of lectures.

Main topics:

  1. Development of capitalism, role of Transnational Corporations; social and economic alternatives, starting points of social transformation and democracy of and within the economy.
  2. Distribution of wealth and poverty.
  3. Armaments industry and change of military strategies
  4. Questions of climate change, necessity of a fundamental change in our way of life – away from consumerism and private wealth of a few

The aim is to provide studies which can be of concrete help for active members of unions and movements. The ISW is independent from any other organisation. Most activities are honorary.