Cultural Association Punto Rosso

The Cultural Association Punto Rosso was founded at the end of 1991. It is aimed at promoting cultural and political research on the main issues of a new critical and alternative culture. We contribute to the development and to the unity of the Italian Left. Our activity is guided by the “convergence in diversity” of the main currents of human emancipation: critical Marxism, social Christianity and the Theology of Liberation, critical and antagonistic enviromentalism, feminism, the culture of human rights etc.

We belong to the network of the World Forum for Alternatives. Parallel to the work of the association, we founded the Libera Università Popolare (People’s Free University), a kind of “Open University” whose purpose is to carry on a permanent cultural and political education for citizens, activists, etc. Another important branch of our activity is our publishing house Edizioni Punto Rosso. Our publications include essays on Marxism, capitalism, social issues etc. and on general items such as water, energy and labour.