“Women Are Revolution” — Feminist April is Now

"Mulheres são Revolução" : 25 de Abril e Feminismo

Poster of the Conference "Conferencia 25 de Abril e feminismo"

Venue: Mira Forum

Rua de Miraflor
155 4300-334 Porto

The one-day conference organised by Abril é Agora will discuss the causes and legacies of Portuguese women’s struggles before and after the Carnation Revolution of 1974-75, not only in Portugal but also in a broader European context.

The path to democracy and socialism cannot overshadow the role of anti-fascist women who fought for women’s rights for bread, peace, and freedom. Intellectual, student and working women, many anonymously, confronted the Portuguese dictatorship. Some used writing as a weapon and were censored, others demanded better wages and working conditions and were sacked, many were imprisoned and tortured.

The Carnation Revolution opened up new horizons for Portuguese women, allowing them to recover old forms of intervention in the public sphere and inaugurate new ones. There was a large and effective women’s participation in demonstrations, companies’ management, trade unions, local government bodies, grassroot movements, the press, culture and in politics. Women imposed a previously non-existent presence and established a path of conquests in labour, housing, care, and reproductive rights that is yet to be exhausted. They were active participants and led many important struggles, from rights at the workplace to housing and care.

The revolutionary period of April 1974 to November 1975 marked the beginning of profound changes in the daily lives of many women, with a direct impact on their lives. A network of social infrastructures (children day care, kindergartens) and basic infrastructure facilities (water, electricity, and sewage) was built, public services were implemented and strengthened, followed by fundamental changes in the Civil Code and the new Constitution.

This conference seeks to debate the causes and legacies of these women’s struggles in the wake of women’s freedom and emancipation, not only in Portugal but also in a broader European context.




10.30  Registration


Opening session  Women are Revolution

Speaker: Catarina Martins


First panel – A Revolution made by Women

Moderator: Sofia Branco (journalist)


  • Esmeralda Mateus (President of the Aldoar Neighbourhood Residents’ Association, UMAR activist)
  • Luísa Marques (Leader of the Garment Trade Union)
  • Conceição Ramos (former chair and founder of the domestic service trade union)

13.00  Lunch break – Restaurant “A Viela” (Travessa de Miraflor, 15, Campanhã –50m away from MIRA FORUM)


Second panel  – The Revolution they won’t let us make

Moderator: Mafalda Araújo (sociologist)


  • Andrea Peniche (editor and feminist activist; member of A Coletiva/The Colective)
  • Marisa Matias (professor and researcher at FPCEUP)


Third panel – The Sexual and Reproductive Revolution

Moderator: Aline Flor (journalist)


  • Ana Campos (obstetrician, former clinical director of Alfredo da Costa maternity, activist of Médicos Pela Escolha/Doctors for Choice)
  • Maria José Alves (obstetrician, former president of the APF – Associação para o Planeamento da Família/Family Planning Association) and activist of Médicos Pela Escolha/Doctors for Choice)


Closing session – Abortion and necessary law changes


  • Alda Sousa (feminist activist)
  • Ana Vasquez (feminist activist, member of Feminismos Sobre Rodas/Feminisms of Wheels)
  • Malin Bjork (feminist, MEP of Sweden – Vänsterpartiet/Left Party of Sweden)

17.30  Music event with Regina Castro and João Loio


Poster of the Conference "Conferencia 25 de Abril e feminismo"