Studies of Socialism 2024

Course 1: Beyond Capital

A new lecture series within the Studies of Socialism programme starts this March!

The Centre for the Politics of Emancipation (CPE), an observer organisation within the transform! network, is hosting a new series of lectures running from March to July 2024 as part of the « Studies of Socialism » programme. This initiative aims to deliver a comprehensive political education, introducing students to the basic principles of socialist theory and practice. The entire programme is supported by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation – South East Europe and transform! europe.


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The lectures will take place in Belgrade, the teaching is free, and the number of students and teachers is limited. In 2024 there will be two courses.

The first course, Beyond Capital, will focus on basic theoretical concepts, understanding the contradictions of capitalism and the possibilities of its change.

The lectures will be held every other Saturday from the end of March to the beginning of July 2024 and will include nine four-hour sessions.

The course is thematically divided into the following units:

  1. How do we understand the basic concepts of socialism
  2. Why money rules the world: commodity, money and capital as basic social relations in capitalism
  3. What are the limits of exploitation: the capitalist process of production and circulation
  4. From crisis to crisis: why economic disruptions are an integral part of capitalism
  5. Whose interest is the public interest: state, capital and class struggle
  6. Financialisation and commercialisation of society: structural foundations of the contemporary phase of capitalism
  7. Why is feminist criticism of political economy important?
  8. Dilemmas and debates of left feminism: why the theory of social reproduction
  9. Socialism in Yugoslavia: origin, causes of the fall and what to do next

How to register for the course ‘Studies of Socialism 2024 – Beyond Capital’?

Registrations are open until 3 March 2024.

Application requirements:

  • A brief narrative biography
  • A compelling motivational letter
  • Full contact details

We often receive inquiries regarding the necessity of a motivational letter. Given the high volume of applications we receive and our limited capacity to accept participants, the inclusion of a motivational letter is crucial. It enables us to conduct a thorough selection process and collaborate with individuals who will derive the greatest benefit from the program.

To apply for the course ‘Studies of Socialism 2024 – Beyond Capital,’ please complete the application form available on the CPE website or submit all required documents, including the abovementioned information, to the following email address:

You will be notified of the outcome of your application no later than 15 March 2024.

The second course, Real Utopias,
will take place in autumn 2024. This course will focus on the analysis of contemporary capitalist challenges and phenomena, exploring diverse political proposals for societal transformation and effective organisational methods to implement them. Our programme will cover contemporary issues rooted in the current political and economic landscape, and will feature esteemed lecturers actively engaged in their respective fields. Detailed information on the schedule and registration will be available soon.

This programme is supported by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung – Southeast Europe and transform! europe.