Open Call for Collaboration – HIER & JETZT February 23-24 2024

Critical responses from art and activism to the war, occupation & violence in Palestine-Israel

Semmelweisklinik, Hockegasse 37
1180 Vienna


We, OneState Embassy Art Collective and transform! europe network, are reaching out to invite you to join us in a significant initiative which converges with the ongoing critical discourse and aims to establish active collaboration with emphasis on the field of activist documentation.

« Hier & Jetzt », our annual event taking place since 2016, fosters an open and honest dialogue with the aim of effecting change and encouraging a political and just resolution between Israel and Palestine.

This year’s event is prompted by the urgent need to address one of the most severe humanitarian crises in contemporary history, exacerbated by the ongoing war on Gaza, resulting in over 25,000 Palestinian civilian victims, half of whom are children, almost 1,200 Israeli civilian casualties, and 136 individuals abducted.

Theme for This Year: Testimony, documentation and collaboration

The focus of our discourse this year revolves around the relationship between testimony and documentation, with a heightened emphasis on their pivotal role in shaping comprehension of both contemporary happenings and historical events. This underscores the significance we attribute to the act of the documentation.

Your Invitation to Collaborate:

We extend a warm invitation to peace organisations and activists, those promoting Jewish-Arab and Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, and who are dedicated to preserving and documenting the unfolding occurrences and struggles. Together, we aspire to explore by utilising art and political discussions, the possibility of a joint civil initiative that aims to capture the nonviolent resistance against war, occupation and violence promoting a just peace in Israel-Palestine. This collaborative effort shall aim to transcend biases and create a comprehensive representation of the diverse narratives in this complex historical context.

Your contribution:

We believe that by joining forces, we can make a meaningful impact on the critical dialogue surrounding the Israeli occupation.
Please confirm your interest in participating by Feb. 7th.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require additional information.


Location: Semmelweisklinik, Hockegasse 37, 1180 Vienna, Austria

More details on the Call for Collaboration can be found in the PDF-Document attached to this event.