Work and Utopia

Part II - Panel discussion on the left's need for utopias and utopian ignition

Time: 15-16.30

Center for Marxist Social Studies at Teater Tribunalen on May 9

Subway Zinkensdamm

Voluntary entrance fee according to ability.

The Center for Marxist Social Studies in Sweden, in collaboration with transform! europe, invites you to the second event of a series od discussions on the left’s need for utopias and utopian thinking at Teater Tribunalen in Stockholm.

The first event of this longer series of talks where we explore different perspectives on utopias and deal with topics such as utopias through history, real paths towards utopias, the climate crisis, feminist utopias and situationism took place on April 9.

You can listen to the panel discussion from the first event on April 9 on
Salong Marx, the CMS Soundcloud account.


In the second events of the talks series we will focus on work and utopia:

How should work be organised? What should it aim for? How much of it is needed? Is it really needed at all? A central theme in most utopias is work. It has both played a central role in the utopias themselves – the work in the future – and seen as the real path towards utopia – where the utopia is realised. So how do we think utopically about the work of the future, the (in)equality of work and its democratic management? Paula Mulinari, Sebastian Svenberg and Ali Esbati will sort this out together during the afternoon of May 4.

If you have suggestions for questions related to utopias that you would like covered in this series, please contact the Centre for Marxist Social Studies.

It’s time to wake up from capitalist realism and bring the political imagination to life!


Work and Utopia

Date: Saturday, May 4

Time: 15-16.30, the doors open for mingling at 14.00

Venue: Teater Tribunalen (subway Zinkensdamm)

Voluntary entrance fee according to ability.



Panel speakers

  • Paula Mulinari – researcher and editor of MANA
  • Sebastian Svenberg – sociologist
  • Ali Esbati – economist and former economic policy spokesperson for the Left Party


  • Majsa Allelin – chairsperson of CMS