Where do(es) the Anti-Austeritarian Social Movement(s) in Europe stand?

transform! Workshop

The severity of the crisis, together with the brutality of its management, has brought back critical EU issues at the top of social movements’ agenda across Europe and accelerated the process of their Europeanization – understood as a growing articulation of local struggles with the European political context, and a more profound and permanent cooperation with other movements from across Europe.

Syriza’s victory, as well as the rise of progressive forces in Europe’s periphery, opens up a new political sequence – and this a new and unprecedented situation.

In close cooperation with Laura Horn, transform! europe will hold a workshop at the Roskilde University whose aim isn’t only to discuss the state of the anti-austeritarian social movement(s) in Europe, but to bring together activists – be they active in Europeanized movements, unions or grassroots movements – and social researchers.

The collective discussion based on the encountering of “praxis with academia“ will allow for a distinctive analysis of the challenges ahead.

Details will follow.