What Does the Debate on “De-globalisation” Show?

Espace Niemeyer
6 avenue Mathurin Moreau
75019 Paris
Métro: Colonel Fabien

Workshop organized by Espaces Marx


How do we Conceive of an Alternative to the Complex Logic of Financialised and Globalised Capitalism?


Panel I: What do we mean when we speak of “de-globalisation”?

– How do the various political and social protagonists use the term?

– What does this discussion reveal – what is its impact?

Panel II: What new realities and contradictions have given rise to this discussion?

– In what respect does the current historic crisis modify how we see “globalisation”?

– How are issues such as class confrontation and the function of the nation-state evolving in this crisis?

– Does the search for “protection” from the current destructive logic require a change of paradigm?

Panel III: How do we define “another logic” that is the goal of the transformative Left?

– What alternative thrust is implied by the approaches: “struggle for another world”, “change the world”, “for a globalism of solidarity” or “going beyond capitalism”, “aspiring to a civilisation of solidarity”?

– What options regarding the economic and social model, ecological transition, property, power, democracy … would constitute a break with the dominant logic?

– What are the current impulses in our societies to going forward towards another logic?

– What openings are there for effectively contesting neoliberal hegemony?