Transform! at the European Social Forum 2010 in Istanbul

Seminars co-organised by Transform!, transform! special edition and Reports


Transform! has been associated to the seminar:

• The ESF, the global crisis and the european policies. Which challenges for the movements?


Invitation for participation coming from other organisations :

• Pigs in the neoliberal space: Greek social forum

• The neoliberal reform of higher education in Europe and the answer of the students’ movement

• Marxism and alterglobalism (Alternative Russia)

• What alternativs to IFI ‘s and Capitalism? (CADTM)


Contact: Chantal Delmas –


1-Which political answer to the crisis ?

TAKSAV (Tu), Jürgen Klute (MEP /GUE, De), Alexis Tsipras President of Synaspismos, Gr), Pierre Laurent (national secretary PCF, Fr), Elisabeth Gauthier(Transform!), Angela Lombardi (Forum donne, It),, Asbjörn Wahl (Campaign for the Welfare Sate, No), CADTM (Be), Attac (Es)

2-Analysis of the car industry crisis: what kind of social and ecological reconversion do we need?

Sigfrido Ramirez (researcher, Be), Uwe Fritsch (Volkswagen IG Metall, De), Christian Pilichowsky (CGT, Fr) Gianni Rinaldini (ex responsable FIOM fiat /CGIL, It), CGT/Seat (Es), Mario Candeias (Rosa Luxemburg foundation, De)

3-What can be a left perspective of ecology?

Nermin Kaplan TAKSAV (Turkey), Marysa Matias (MEP / GUE, Pt) , Rosa Luxemburg foundation (De), Carla Luis (Cultra, Pt), Joseph Baum (Transform! Austria), Chantal Delmas (Espaces Marx, Fr), Laura Tuominen (Left Forum, Finland), Mirek Prokes (social forum CZ)

4-The gender question in the economical crisis

Eva-Britt Svensson (MEP/GUE, Sw), Annette Groth (MP Die Linke, De), Litsa Doudoumi (In Gender, Gr), Maite Mola (European Left Party, Es), Dominique Fervaille (FGTB, Be), Sonqül Morsümbül (KESK, Tu), Zubeyde Kilic (Tu), Angela Lombardi (Forum donne, It)

5-The neoliberal reform of higher eduacation: student struggles of the last period

Barbara Steiner (Transform, Austria), Simone Oggionni (Giovani Comunisti, Italy), Katharina Dahme (Linksjugend’Solid, De), Eleni Hafvani (Neolaia Synaspismou, Gr), Maite Mola (EL, Spain), Selcuk Ozbek (Genclik Muhalefeti, Turkey)

6-What “the Greek crisis” revealed. Beyond the Lisbon Treaty?

Franco Russo (Charta network, It), Emmanuelle Reungoat (Copernic, Fr), Louis Weber (Espaces Marx, Fr), Frédéric Viale (Attac, Fr),Gilles Garnier (territorial counciler Seine ST Denis,Fr ), Søren Bo Søndergaard (MEP/GUE, Dk), Trigazis Panos, (Economist, Nikos Poulantzas Institute, Gr )

7-After the social and political “Greek crisis”, how to build another Europe ?

Louis Marie Bannier(Fondation Copernic, Fr), Michel Rousseau (Marches européeennes), Gaby Zimmer (MEP/GUE), Francine Mestrum (LDH, Be), Haris Golemis (Nicos Poulantzas Institut, Gr), Christine Mendelsohn(European Left Parti), Kinga Kalocsoi (Green left,Hu), Trahanatzis Stathis (Vice President of Center of Athens Labor Unions)

8-Economy and Democracy: How the lack of democracy causes the crisis of economy.How the promotion of democracy will promote a social economy

Véronique Sandoval (economist, Espaces Marx, Fr), David Flacher (economist, Utopia, Fr) , Dierk Hirschel (Verdi, De), Sebastien Robeet(CSC),FGTB

9-Link between social and environmental crises – The transition to a different economic model

Gianni Rinaldini (FIOM-CGIL, It), Asbjørn Wahl (Campaign for the Welfare State, No), and other mebers of the network

10-Anti-crisis programs of left and social movments: a comparative analysis

Frederique Viale (ATTAC,Fr) Alexande Buzgalin (Alternative Russi), Elisabeth Gauthier (Transform),Pascal Franchet (CADTM), Stephanie Treillet (Copernic, Fr), Carla Luis (Cultra, Pt), François Auguste (regional council PCF,FR)

11-Finally we are all P. I. G.S.? (Europe in crisis)

Elisabeth Gauthier (Transform), Haris Golemis (Greek Social Forum), Aurelie Trouvé (ATTAC, Fr), Annik Coupé (SUD-Solidaries, Fr), Pierro Bernocchi (COBAS, It), Gianni Rinaldini (FIOM, It, Horst schmitthenner (IG Metall, De)