The Welfare State Models: History, Ideologies, Developments and Challenges


Source: Pixabay

The Institute for Critique and Social Emancipation Tirana (ICSE), a partner organisation of transform! europe, is hosting a lecture followed by a discussion on the history, ideologies, developments and challenges of welfare state models in the Western world, with an outlook on the possible future of the Albanian welfare state.


Albania is among the poorest countries in Europe, suffering welfare and lack of adequate social policies, which would improve the quality of life for the vast majority of citizens. In this context, theoretical and empirical knowledge of welfare state models throughout the western world – their history, ideologies, developments and challenges – is important to foresee the possible futures of Albanian welfare state as well. More concretely the lecture is based on the works of Gøsta Esping-Andersen and Anton Hemerijck, respectively “The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism”and “Changing Welfare States”.

A lecture by:  Jani Marka

Interpretation: Albanian

Organised by: Instituti për Kritikë dhe Emancipim Shoqëror/Institute for Critique and Social Emancipation in co-operation with transform! Europe.

22 Dec 2022, 18:30 (CET)
Logu i Shkëndijes” social center
Tirana, Albania.