The Rise of the South – Upheaval of the Global Power Structure?

23rd isw-forum

Union House
Schwanthalerstraße 64
(U4+U5 Theresienwiese)

China already overtook the United States as the strongest economy in the world (in Purchasing Power Parity). Among the first 10 countries are five transition countries. These five show a higher Gross Domestic Product than the five leading countries of the “old metropolies”. In 2030 the transition countries will be still more ahead.

This upheaval will raise decisive questions: Will “the West” accept this break of the epoch or will it impose all its power to stop and reverse the transformation? How close will the old powers come to the employment of military means, even at the risk of a “great war”? How big are the chances of the countries of the South to change the neoliberal principles of the world economy? Are they capable to break off the neoliberal concepts in their own countries?

We will deal with these issues with experts from Russia, Brazil and Germany just weeks before the summit of the G7 near Munich where the old powers will discuss further steps against the rise of the South.

Conference organized by Institute for Social, Ecological and Economic Studies (ISW), Germany, with support of transform! europe.

Admission: 5 Euro / cut price 3 EUR


Saturday, 16 May 2015, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Conrad Schuhler(Economist, chair of isw e.V.): G7 and the upheaval of world order – in front of new world order wars?

Jörg Goldberg (economist, many years development expert in Africa, Germany): The Emancipation of the South – what kind of a new world order

Anna Ochkina (deputy director of the Institute for Global Research and Social Movements, Moscow/Russia): Decline of Neoliberalism – the BRICS-countries as a nucleus of a new world order?

Valter Pomar (Professor for International Political Economy at the Universidade Federal do ABC, Sao Paolo/Brasil): Latin America – counter model to the neoliberal globalization?

Walter Baier (Economist, Co-Ordinator of transform!, Wien/Österreich): Europe’s role in global reorganisation