The European Common Space for Alternatives (ECSA)

Marseille event

12 rue François Simon
13003 Marseille


The European Common Space for Alternatives is a process of convergence and debate in the European social movement committed to peace, social justice and solidarity. It brings together dozens of progressive European organisations, with the aim of sharing experience and promoting joint action.

#MECSA is the first physical event to be held in Marseille, at the “Friche de la Belle de Mai” cultural centre, from April 26 to 28. Over the course of three days, hundreds of activists from associations, trade unions, young and old, will share their experiences and ideas on the climate crisis, war, migration, new forms of work, democracy, the far right, new ways of mobilising…

In self-organised activities, plenary sessions and, finally, at the general assembly that will bring these days of political work and cultural activities to a close.

All contributions are welcome, so take part in the process!




Venue: 12 rue François Simon – 13003 Marseille

Dates: April 26-27-28 from 9am to 10pm (first activities to last jazz concert)

Full programme available in English and French


You can read about transform! europe’s preparatory meetings below (a cycle of 3 events)

The Need for “People’s Planning” – Why We Need Democratic Economic Planning

Local vs. National/EU-level – On Which Level of Society Is Democratic Economic Planning Possible and Needed?

Which Role can Digital Technology Play in Our Struggle for Democratically Planned Economies – Trojan Horse or Saviour?