The Cyprus Issue: Time for Solution?

Amphitheatre of the Union of Journalists, ESIEA
Academy 20, 1st floor
10671 Athens 134

A public event on the developments of the Cyprus issue, organized by the left Greek newspapers “Avgi” and “Epohi” and transform! europe.


Monday, 9 January 2017, at 18.30

After a long and painful process of dialogue and consultations, the progress which seems to have been made is a hopeful sign that, in Geneva, a first decisive step can be made towards the solution of the Cyprus issue and the creation of conditions for a common life on all levels.

According to the organizers, the panel is a guarantee that there will be a substantial presentation of this complex issue, which bears many burdens from various sides, hoping that they can contribute to the understanding of the terms for its solution. Following the presentations, there will be a discussion among the speakers and the audience.


  • Sia Anagnostopoulou, Professor of History, Panteion University, MP of SYRIZA, Greece
  • Murat Kanatli, Member of the Executive Board of the Party New Cyprus and of the Executive Board of the Party of European Left, Cyprus
  • Takis Hadjidimetriou, President of the Foundation of Socio-Economic Research, Cyprus
  • Nicos Filis, MP of SYRIZA , Greece