Rosa Luxemburg at 150. Revisiting Her Radical Life and Legacy

Online Symposium

Source: Rosa-Luxembug-Foundation

An online symposium hosted by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, a member organisation of transform! europe, and the International Rosa Luxemburg Society in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of her birth.


For further information, click here (website of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation).



5 March

11.15: Opening remarks for day 2 from Loren Balhorn (RLS)

11:30: Rosa Luxemburg and the Challenge of Political Strategy (tbc)
Chair: Johanna Bussemer

  • Lea Ypi
  • Michael Brie
  • Joshua Wavrant (tbc)

14:00: Rosa Luxemburg and the Written Word
Chair: Julia Killet

  • Kate Evans, “Writing Red Rosa: creating the graphic biography of Rosa Luxemburg”
  • Helen Scott, “Rosa Luxemburg’s Literary Analysis”
  • Dana Mills, “‘By itself every book is something terrible unapproachable’: Rosa Luxemburg as a reader & culture enthusiast”

16:00: Rosa Luxemburg Today: The Accumulation of Capital and The Mass Strike in the Crisis of Neoliberal Capitalism
Chair: Ingo Schmidt

  • Riccardo Bellofiore, “Stagnation and progress in Marxism after Rosa Luxemburg”
  • Radhika Desai, “Capitalist contradictions and imperialism in Rosa Luxemburg’s thought”
  • Rida Vaquas, “Rosa Luxemburg’s political mass strike and the international labour movement today”
  • Robert Ovetz, “The continuing relevance of The Mass Strike: Reading Rosa Luxemburg as strategy”

18.00: Closing keynote presentation by Peter Hudis, “Using Rosa Luxemburg to understand racialized capitalism”