Refugees in the Balkans and the Covid-19 Pandemic

transform! Webinar

The second webinar of the Refugees and the Covid-19 crisis series took place on Monday, 20 April, 18:00–20:00 (CET), focusing on the developing situation in the Balkan countries.


Although frequently forgotten by the mainstream media, tens of thousands of refugees and migrants are currently trapped in the Balkans. While some are housed in official structures, many more fall outside the system and are solely supported by activists, volunteers, and the local population. The COVID-19 pandemic only adds more dangers and precariousness to their lives, with local governments taking advantage of the situation to continue with politics and policies that stigmatize, dehumanize and push people to the verge of existence.

Katerina Anastasiou, transform! europe, discussed with:
Nidzara Ahmetasevic (Bosnia) and Emina Buzinkic (Croatia), activists of the Transbalkan Solidarity network.