Peace Event Sarajevo 2014

100 years after World War I


We spread a call by the organizers of the Sarajevo Peace Event:

Dear Friends,
Serbia and Bosnia have been hit by catastrophic floods. There are casualties, thousands of people lost their homes and are in urgent need for help.
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transform! europe will be present with two workshops, organized in co-operation with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Southeast Europe


Saturday, 7 June

10.00 – 13.00

Rosa Luxemburg and the European Left on the Eve of World War One

Workshop by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Southeast Europe and transform!

Patriotic enthusiastic crowds who go to war, and a socialist movement that was not up to their historical responsibilities; this is true and one sided at the same time. Not only in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, but in almost all European socialist parties individuals and groups resisted war hysteria. Even if they remained in the minority, their opinions had a significant impact on the further development of European socialism.

About this dispute and its current meaning we want to discuss with:

  • Jean-Numa Ducange (University of Rouen, France), research interests: history of socialism in France and the German-speaking countries
  • Derek Weber (University of Vienna and University of Economics, Austria); he specializes in the history of the Austrian labour movement and Austro-Marxism
  • Holger Politt (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin)
  • Ankica Cakardic (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Chair: Barbara Steiner (transform! europe, Austria)

Due to personal reasons Sia Anagnostopoulou (Panteion University, Athens) had to cancel her participation.


Sunday, 8 June

13.00 – 17.00

NATO 2014: It Talks of Peace But Wages War

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Southeast Europe, No to War – No to NATO, INES, IPB, IALANA, transform! europe

The military alliance NATO is expanding. NATO claims right to global interventions – with or without mandate of the United Nations. It externalizes defense, defines encompassing security threats and thereby militarizes civil fields of politics such as migration, poverty and wants as wellas climate change. In a globalized limited world the concept of military security does not meet the needs of the people. Other forms of cooperation and other concepts of security need to be applied.


  • Lucas Wirl, No to War – No to NATO
  • Joseph Gerson, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
  • Dave Webb, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
  • Claudia Haydt, Information Centre Militarization/European Left
  • Walter Baier, transform! europe
  • Ludo de Brabander, vrede vzw., Belgium
  • Kristine Karch, No to NATO, Germany
  • Tobias Pflüger, Left Party, Germany
  • Erhard Crome, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Germany
  • Pascal Luig, IALANA
  • Ingeborg Breines, International Peace Bureau
  • Aurelie Royon, Mouvement de la Paix
  • Nedim Klipo, Centar za slobodarska istraživanja Sarajevo
  • Vuk Bacanovic, Editor magazine Dani Sarajevo
  • Reiner Braun, IALANA, International Peace Bureau


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Venue: Kamerni Teatar 55 in the Maršala Tita 55/II.


Download Flyer (pdf, 663 KB) and Programme (pdf, 2.696 kB) on the right at “Documentation”.

The Peace Event in Sarajevo will be one of the major gatherings on Non-violence and Peace and an important opportunity for all the participants to exchange their experiences, thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and passion for peace building and human rights.

From a World of War and Violence to a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence

The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I, which was triggered by the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914. This can be seen as a symbolic date for a century of a “Culture of War and Violence” with two world wars and numerous regional wars – among them the one in the former Yugoslavian countries in the 1990’s when Sarajevo suffered from the siege of the city during the “last war in Europe” – as well as for the global dominance of structural and cultural violence. 

But the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century have also seen a world-wide rise of nonviolent actions and achievements as an alternative to war and violence, and increased efforts for global and social justice, human rights, peace and reconciliation which was reflected in the declaration of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence (2001–2010) by the United Nations.

There is a cultural change for peace that we want to promote and support. You are invited to join in activities and events, discuss and exchange ideas and experiences with people from the Balkans, Europe and all over the world and to actively participate in the whole process.

The Peace Event will offer a wide presentation of the Culture of Nonviolence and Peace and it will approach a great variety of themes as Social Justice, Gender, Women and Peace, Reconciliation and Dealing with the Past, Militarism and alternatives, Nonviolent actions, Human Security, analysis and testimonies from different regions of the world.

The activities will include an international Forum, many cultural events, a Kids’ zone, a Peace Fair and an international Youth Camp. Registration is still open for Forum and Youth camp participants.