Our Common Social Future

Asia-Europe People’s Forum and transform! invite

Comisiones Obreras
Via Laietana 16
08003 Barcelona


Commoning and sharing for society, the environment and the economy. A programme for a democratic, participatory and transformative social protection.


Social justice is at the centre of all our concerns and of all our efforts to work for another world. Democracy is not possible if people do not have the feeling they have equal worth, they can have their voices heard, they can take part in decision-making with the same capacities as all others. It is not just about formal equality but about real equality through social and economic citizenship and just taxes in order to fight inequality. This is even more important since the level of inequality continues to grow.

Co-organisers of the Conference: transform! europe / Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) Social Justice Cluster / Global Social Justice / Institute for Political Ecology / Fundació l’alternativa / Barcelona en Comù / Fighting Inequality Alliance / Tax Justice Alliance Asia / Asean Parliamentarians for Human Rights / UGT (Union General de Trabajadores) / CCOO (Comisiones Obreras) / Network for Transformative Social Protection

Contact: Roberto Morea, morea@transform-network.net


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Friday, 8 June


Opening of the conference: The political challenges for Europe and Asia

  • Brief presentation of AEPF and transform! europe by Tina Ebro and Roberto Morea
  • European Commission (DEVCO), Federica Fantini
  • Barcelona en Comú (tbc)
  • Charles Santiago, MP, Malaysia

The case for commons and social commons

  • Dario Azzellini, transform! europe
  • Francine Mestrum, Global Social Justice
  • Anna Coote, New Economics Foundation
  • Dinesh Devkota, Nepal
  • Shalmali Guttal, Thailand
  • Bru Laín, Barcelona


Facilitation: Tina Ebro and Koen Detavernier


The new commons debate: The importance of commons in the process of social transformation

  • Chantal Delmas, transform! europe
  • Meena Menon, India
  • Peter North, UK
  • Sandeep Chachra, Action Aid India

The new commons debate: The importance of commons in the process of political transformation

  • Roberto Morea, transform! europe
  • Cuong Huyn Dong, Peace and Development, Vietnam
  • Birgit Daiber, transform! europe
  • Koen Detavernier, World Solidarity Movement


Facilitation: Cuong Huyn Dong and Elisabetta Cangelosi


Saturday, 9 June


Conditions for social commons

– What we already achieved: report on the conference in Manila on public services

  • Tina Ebro, Philippines

– Macroeconomic policies, development, the changing world of work, gender

  • Núria Lozano, Barcelona
  • Alessandra Mecozzi, Italy
  • Khalid Mahmood, Pakistan
  • Federica Giardini, Italy
  • Alex Scrivener, UK

– The environment, inequality, taxes

  • Lidy Nacpil, Philippines
  • Mustafa Talpur, Pakistan
  • Ah Maftuchan, Indonesia
  • Vedran Horvat, Croatia


Facilitation: Lucia Bárcena and Sandeep Chachra



Public event

Venue: UGT (Union General de Trabajadores), Rambla de Santa Monica 10, 08002 Barcelona

Social commons as a tool for social transformation and systemic change

  1. Barcelona en Comú (tbc)
  2. Marisa Matias, MEP
  3. Ernest Urtasun, MEP
  4. Charles Santiago, MP, Malaysia
  5. Javier Pacheco, CCOO-CONC
  6. Federica Fantini, European Commission
  7. Chantal Delmas, France, transform! europe
  8. Ana Maria Nemenzo, NTSP, Philippines

Facilitation: Pablo Sanchez Centellas and Francine Mestrum


Sunday, 10 June


Implementing social commons:

– The centrality of economic and social rights

  • German Jaraiz Arroyo, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla

– The centrality of culture for social commons

  • Julie Ward, MEP

– Practical implications of adopting a commoning approach to social protection – options for activism and policy development

  • Labour: Dario Azzelini
  • Gender: Elisabetta Cangelosi
  • Land and food: Sandeep Chachra
  • Care: Anna Coote
  • Health (tbc), housing (tbc), democracy (Rojava), and others…

– Concluding remarks on strategizing and alliances, on concrete steps for strengthening social protection and sustainability, with commoning and sharing for society, the environment and the economy

  • Francine Mestrum
  • Meena Menon
  • Roberto Morea
  • Anna Coote
  • Shalmali Guttal

Facilitation: Kris Vanslambrouck and Lidy Nacpil