Neoliberal Agenda and European Social Democracies

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Auditorium di Santa Apollonia

Seminar on 16 and 17 November, organised by transform! italia, transform! europe and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation


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Working languages: Italian, English, French

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phone: +39 339 6234477


These days are related to the three-day conference of the GUE/NGL parliamentary group, which will be held in Florence from 18 to 20 November.

Sunday, 16 November


Session 1: Italy and the Incompatibility of Financial Capitalism with Democracy

Roberto Morea
Introduction: Marco Revelli
Interventions: Curzio Maltese, Alfonso Gianni, Giuseppe Civati, Norma Rangeri, Adriano Prosperi, Gianni Rinaldini, Roberto Mancini, Massimo Torelli, Bia Sarasini, Antonio Ingroia, a.o.


Session 2: Austerity, Troika, Crisis of Social Democracy, Relationship with the Trade Unions

Opening: Walter Baier (transform! europe)
Introduction: Alexis Tsipras
Interventions: Erhard Crome (Germany), Sergio Cofferati, Michele De Palma, Monica De Sisto, Raffaella Bolini, Niki Vendola, Paolo Ferrero, Eleonora Forenza, Roberto Musacchio, Marco Revelli, a.o.

Monday, 17 November


Session 3: Differences and Similarities of the Transformation of Social Democracies in Europe

Opening: Tommaso Fattori
Introduction: Fausto Bertinotti
Interventions: Eleonora Forenza, Lorenzo Zamponi, Roger Martelli (France), Haris Golemis (Greece), Manolo Monereo (Spain), Marisas Matias (Portugal)