“More or less EU in Eastern Europe?”

Debate and Yearbook 2018 Presentation

Premier Kult Café
Kálvin Square

18:00 – 21:00

On occasion of the release of the transform! Yearbook 2018, a debate is organised by Eszmélet Journal and transform! hungary, in cooperation with transform! europe.



Tamás Krausz (Historian, Eszmélet): “Memory politics and autoriter regimes in Eastern Europe”

Attila Melegh (Sociologist, Polányi Research Center): “Migration and the leftist answers”

Márk Áron Éber (Sociologist, Helyzet Műhely): “The system critique left and the EU”

Annamária Artner (Economist, MTA KRTK, Institue of World Economy): “The EU and the neoliberal economic politics perspectives”

Language: Hungarian

For contents of the transform! Yearbook 2018 “Integration – Disintegration – Nationalism” please click here.