marx2019 // climate change and the end of capitalism //

International Conference


Sveavägen 41


Already for the 3rd time the Centre for Marxist Social Studies (CMS) – supported by transform! europe – co-organises this international conference, centred on how Marxist theories can help our understanding of the contemporary era as well as how to conceive the future.


The two previous Marx Conferencesin Stockholm 2013 and 2016 were huge successes with more than 2,000 participants and contributors, such as John Bellamy Foster and Michael Heinrich.
With this invitation to the 2019 Marx conference, we will further elaborate on strategies to move beyond the current social property relations, with a special focus on how to overcome the march towards climate apocalypse, which is fuelled by the present capitalist system. The Marxist perspective aims to achieve political change, and it is therefore more important than ever, since a climate disaster can only be avoided by a thorough paradigm shift in all conceptions of society. Therefore, the banner and theme of the Marx Conference in 2019 will be: climate change and the end of capitalism – Because there is no alternative!

Centre for Marxist Social Studies (CMS), Clarté, KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory, Libera Università Metropolitana (LUM), ABF Stockholm, Fronesis, transform! europe

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transform! europe organises a seminar on
Reclaiming Ideological And Programmatic Hegemony: The Role Of Radical Left Political Foundations In Europe
with representatives of five European radical left and marxist think tanks (the Swedish Center for Marxist Social Studies, the French Espaces Marx, the Portuguese Cul:tra, the Greek Nicos Poulantzas Institute, the German Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation) and the European network transform! europe, to discuss their own experiences and trace a road for closer future cooperations.

Saturday 26 Oct., 14:15 – 15:45; Room: Sandler

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Keynote speakers 2019

SONIA GUAJAJARA: an environmental and indigenous activist, and the executive coordinator of Brazil’s indigenous movement, Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil, as well as the former vice-presidential candidate of Brazil’s Socialism and Liberty Party.

ANDREAS MALM: senior lecturer in human ecology at Lund University, as well as a prolific writer and journalist.

COSTAS LAPAVITSAS: a professor of Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

KATE SOPER: a British emeritus professor of philosophy, currently at University of Brighton. Her work has focused on feminism, the environment and theories of need and consumption.

CHRISTOPHER SELLERS is a professor of history at Stony Brook University. His research concentrates on the history of environment and health, of cities and industries, and of inequ – ality and democracy, with a focus on the United States and Mexico. He holds a Ph.D. in Ame – rican Studies from Yale and an M.D. He is the author of Hazards of the Job: From Industrial Di – sease to Environmental Health Science; Crabgrass Crucible: Suburban Nature and Environmentalism in Twentieth-Century America and co-editor of, among other edited volumes, Dangerous Trade: Histories of Industrial Hazard across a Globalizing World.

GÖRAN THERBORN is a professor emeritus of sociology at Cambridge University and is amongst the most highly cited contempora – ry Marxian-influenced sociologists. He has published widely in journals such as the New Left Review, and is notable for his writing on topics that fall within the general political and sociological framework of post-Marxism. Topics on which he has written extensively include the intersection between the class structure of society and the function of the state apparatus, the for – mation of ideology within subjects, and the futu – re of the Marxist tradition.

AARON BASTANI is co-founder and Senior Editor at Novara Media and has a doctorate from the University of London. His research interests include new media, social movements and political economy. He has written for Vice, the Guardian, the London Review of Books and the New York Times and regularly appears on the BBC and Sky News. In his new book, Fully Automated Luxury Communism, Bastani conju – res a vision of extraordinary hope, showing how we move to energy abundance, feed a world of 9 billion, overcome work, transcend the limits of biology, and establish meaningful freedom for everyone. Rather than a final destination, such a society merely heralds the real beginning of his – tory. His talk will be followed by a conversation with Aron Etzler, party secretary of the Left Party in Sweden.


STEFANIA BARCA is a senior researcher at the University of Coimbra. She holds a PhD in Economic History and has been a visiting scholar at Yale University, postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley, and guest professor at Lund University. In the past ten years, she has published widely on the political ecology of industrial ca – pitalism, with focus on labour and environmen – tal politics, socialist ecofeminism, environmental justice, degrowth; she has recently co-edited the book collection Towards the Political Economy of Degrowth. She is actively contributing to shaping a Green New Deal policy proposal in Europe.