Left Forum


Each spring Left Forum convenes the largest gathering in North America of the US and international Left. transform! will be present with two panels under the general title ”Europe on the move”.


Continuing a tradition begun in the 1960s, bringing together intellectuals and organizers to share perspectives, strategies, experience and vision.

transform! Panels:

Europe on the Move (1):

“Syriza, Podemos – How the Left Addresses the Issue of Power in Greece and in Spain”

With: Stelios Foteinopoulos (Nicos Poulantzas Institute, Syriza), Marga Ferré (Fundación de Investigaciones Marxistas, Izquierda Unida) and Roberto Morea (transform!italia, L’Altra Europa con Tsipras)
Moderation: Walter Baier (Coordinator of transform! europe)


Europe on the Move (2):

“The Ascendancy of the Far and Nationalist Right in Europe – How the Left Copes with It”

With: Sarah L. (Platform “Beyond Europe”, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation), Walter Baier (transform! europe) and Stelios Foteinopoulos (Nicos Poulantzas Institute, Syriza)

Further details: www.leftforum.org