Is it my Fault or Society’s?

Discussion event

Linn Stalsberg; Gabriele Michalitsch Source: Linns Stalsberg´s Facebook Account; Gabriele Michalitsch´s Instagram Account

Islands Brygges Kulturhus

What conditions made neoliberalism break through and how can we break with the imperatives of neoliberalism are just two of the questions that will be discussed at this discussion event with Gabriele Michalitsch and Linn Stalsberg.


Are we willing to change our consumption and behaviour? Does it have anything to do with society, the system – the neoliberal one – we live under? How it affects us as individuals?

Linn Stalsberg and Gabriele Michalitsch will elaborate on this and open a debate on causes and how we can change the neoliberal subject and thus the world.

This hybrid event will be held in English – with a summary in Danish.


Transform!Danmark, in cooperation with the transform! europe network, Global Solidarity, Solidarity, Critical Review, Enhedslisten’s Women’s Committee and others.

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Friday, 29 April 2022


  • Trine Pertou Mach

15:00: Opening

15:10: Input to the topics

The neoliberal taming of subjects by:

  • Gabriele Michalitsch, an Austrian political scientist with main research interests in: gender constructions in political and economic theories, fneoliberalism, feminist economics, the emergence of modern economics, the relationship between state and economy. She has published, among others, “Die neoliberale Domestizierung des Subjekts. Von den Leidenschaften zum Kalkül”.

How neoliberalism destroys people and nature by:

  • Linn Stalsberg, a Norwegian sociologist, writer and a committed social debater. Has published: “Am I Free Now?- Time-Crunched Women in the Best Country in the World“, “Enough is enough. How neoliberalism is destroying people and nature” and “Etter pandemien. Thoughts on crisis, capitalism“.

15:40: Conversation/debate between presenters

16:40: Break

16:55: Questions and debate from/in the audience

17:45: Closing