Interventions: The Impact of Labour Movements on Social and Cultural Development

Eva Himmelstoss
International Conference of Labour and Social History (ITH)
Wipplinger Str. 6-8 1010 Vienna, Austria

48th Linz Conference of the International Conference of Labour and Social History (ITH)


The International Conference of Labour and Social History (ITH) is an international network of associations, research institutes and historians of labour and social movements, founded in Vienna in 1964.

Form 13-16 September the 48th annual Linz Conference of the ITH will take place at “Jaegermayrhof”.

Background and Approaches

With regard to the overreaching question of the current ITH-cycle considering the impact of labour movements on societal and social development and progress, the 2012 ITH-conference aims at examining welfare state as well as cultural arrangements of communities based on case studies. Both, the development and the implementation of new ideas and norms through labour movements shall be analysed on this occasion. Particular attention will be paid to similarities and differences between the “Global North” and the “Global South”.


Stefan Berger (Bochum), Uwe Fuhrmann (Berlin), Jörg Rösler (Berlin), Patricia Toucas (Paris), Martin Petitclerc (Montreal), Touraj Atabaki (Amsterdam), Ronaldo Munck (Dublin), Shelton Stromquist (Iowa), Helmut Weihsmann (Vienna), Stefan Moitra (Bochum), Christian Chevandier (Le Havre), Derek Weber (Vienna), Andreas Diers (Hannover), Kevin J. Callahan (Hartford, Ct.), Eszter Varsa (Budapest), Bruno Groppo (Paris), David Mayer (Vienna);


Preparatory Group

Jürgen Mittag (Co-ordinator, Institute for Social Movements, Ruhr University of Bochum), Marcel van der Linden (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam), Jürgen Hofmann (DIE LINKE, Berlin), David Mayer (Department of History, University of Vienna), Bruno Groppo (Centre d’Histoire Sociale, Université de Paris I), Berthold Unfried (ITH & Institute of Economic and Social History, University of Vienna), Eva Himmelstoss (ITH & transform! europe)

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