Feminism and Antifascism



The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, a member of transform! europe, organises these highly topical events.


We do believe in participatory process and the importance of being activist from all Europe together to exchange and learn.

Besides the participatory debate, we also encourage you to use the Chat in the Zoom meeting to ask questions, share your impressions and concerns as well as send your feedback.

Here some guiding questions for the discussion:

  • How does the far right in other countries use the topics of gender/sex and sexuality/population policy to bring racist population politics back into the political sphere without actually calling it by that name?
  • How we can encounter these developments as anti-fascists and feminists? Have there been counter-protests, have they been successful, what can we learn from each other?

How to feminise antifa movements

  • What can we do in order to distribute power within our organisations?
  • Is it possible to push for more feminist ways of doing without being punished/ignored?
  • How does care relate to power and leadership?


We will have a graphic recording that summarize the main ideas and conclusion for both days.

Also, we would like to find out your feedback, so at the end of the webinars we will ask you some questions to collect your ideas.

Graphic recording will be available in English, Spanish and Russian.

Communication and interpretation

We do understand the need to be able to communicate among us and feel comfortable, therefore interpretation will be provided: Russian, Spanish and English.

Here you can find the interpretation bottom to set your language up.



Tuesday 10th November 2020, 5pm

Feminism: hobbyhorse of the far right: Instrumentalization of women’s rights by the far right: feminism and antifeminism of the far right

16:50-17:00 Check in

17:00: Introduction and presentation

17:05-17:25 – Content analysis

17:25-17:35 – Short Q&A question regarding the 2 inputs

17:35-17:55 – General discussion

17:55 – 18:00 – Break

18:00- 18:20 – Block on counter strategies

18:20-18:30 – Short Q&A question regarding the 2 inputs

18:30-18:45 Discussion: brainstorming session on possible counterstrategies in different national contexts/ in broader region

18:45-18:55 Rounding up: Conclusion/ summary of the discussions by Nuria Alabao and Judith Goetz

18:550 – 19:00 Feedback

Wednesday 11th November 2020, 5pm

How to feminize antifa movements

16:50-17:00 –Check in

17:00 – Introduction and presentation

17:05 – Content and analysis

17:35 – Q&A about the presentation

17:45 – Discussion (15 minutes)

18:00 – Break (5 minutes)

18:05 – Discussion

18:45 -Rounding up: Conclusion/ summary of the discussions by Laura Roth

18:55 – Feedback by participants