European Production Chains and Labour Conditions


CGIL Lombardia
Via Palmanova 22

The Case of the Automotive Sector. – This workshop in Milan is jointly organised by transform! europe, Punto Rosso, Claudio Sabattini Foundation, and FIOM-CGIL Lombardia.


Languages: Italian – English (simultaneous translation)


Thursday, 8 June

Workshop (15:00-19:00)

15:00-15:15 Welcome address by Aimilia Koukouma (transform! europe)

15:15-15:25 Introduction about the aim of the initiative by Matteo Gaddi (Punto Rosso/Claudio Sabattini Foundation)

15:25-15:55 Methodology illustration by Nadia Garbellini (Punto Rosso/Claudio Sabattini Foundation)

15:55-18:00 Discussion to define:

  • The production chain involved in this project
  • The relations and the involvement of trade unions
  • The next steps (timetable etc.); in particular the final step, i.e. the possibility to bring together workers of different countries participating in the same production chains
  • Presentation of the results and their utilization (linkages with European Left and Trade Unions)

18:00-19:00 Conclusions and definition of the next steps


Friday, 9 June

Public Seminar (9:30-14:00)


Welcome addresses: Maxime Benatouil (transform! europe), Alessandro Pagano (FIOM Lombardia)

Introduction: Matteo Gaddi (Punto Rosso/Claudio Sabattini Foundation)


  • Michele De Palma (automotive sector responsible of FIOM-CGIL)
  • Delegate of Worker Councils from automotive Italian firms (FIOM)
  • Romain Descottes (CGT Research Institute, France)
  • Carlos Chicano Sanchez (Trade Union Cc.Oo. of Catalonia)
  • Stratos Kapetanios (Trade Union Steel Industry, Greece)
  • Krzysztof Laszczak (Polish Trade Union Alliance OPZZ)
  • Roland Kulke (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)
  • A Hungarian Trade Unionist (Magyar Szakszervezetek Országos Szövetsége)


Conclusion: Francesco Garibaldo (Director of Claudio Sabattini Foundation)