Desobedoc International Film Festival

Due to the times of confinement we are living, this years’ edition of DESOBEDOC – co-organised by transform! europe and Bloco de Esquerda (Portugal) – had to be postponed. Nevertheless, DESOBEDOC international film festival will still celebrate soon, adapted to pandemic times.


We will provide online film streamings on the Portuguese Carnation Revolution, 25 April  (The Spirit of 45, by Ken Loach), the 29 of April (Lesa Humanità by Héctor Fáver) and on the 1 May (a series of short documentaries on labour) and online debates about the movies.


On the behalf of transform! europe we hope you can join us!



Saturday, 25 April

On the day of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal, DESOBEDOC EM CASA will provide home screening of classic Ken Loach’s movie The Spirit of 45 (UK), from 18:00 to 23:59 (GMT). The movie is in English, with Portuguese subtitles.

In order to access the weblink and respective password, please send an email to

At 21:30 (GMT) a conversation between Fernando Rosas and Miguel Cardina(Portuguese historians) will be staged at the website and Facebookpage as well as at the DesobedocFacebookpage. This talk will be held in Portuguese.


Thursday, 30 April

The links to the sessions on the 30th of April (Lesa Humanitat by Hector Fáver, Catalonia) will be made available soon.


Friday, 1 May