Degrowth and Debt Economy



The next event of the Studies of Socialism 2019 programme, organised by the Centre for the Politics of Emancipation (CPE) and supported by transform! europe, will interlink the topics of degrowth and debt economy (public and household debt).


The aim of this workshop, which will be conducted by Ajda Pistotnik, independent researcher and project manager at EnaBanda (Slovenia), is to point out the relation between these two fields. Although a number of conferences and debates on debt or degrowth took place, their interconnection is still not sufficiently analysed. Therefore participants will be given the opportunity to learn more about common strategic debates of both fields linking the struggles against ecological collapse and other forms of exploitation to the efforts to radically rebuild fairer financial systems.


Studies of Socialism is an educational programme, established in 2017 by the Centre for the Politics of Emancipation in cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation – Southeast Europe and transform! europe. The programme is focused on developing knowledge that can strengthen capacities for the struggle for workers’ and women’s rights as well as for defending public goods. It comprises the basics of socialist economic and political concepts, concrete alternative political proposals the left actors can articulate today and organizational know-how for obtaining required political goals.