Conference: The Past of Three PIGS

Economic, social and political developments in various countries are certainly determined by the present state of the world capitalist system, but are also to a large extent conditioned by the history of the specific social formations. One important historical phase of Spain, Portugal and Greece, three of the four infamous PIGS of the present crisis, is the period of their transition from dictatorship to democracy, which happened at approximately the same time in the 1970s (1974 in Portugal and Greece and a little later in Spain).

A comparative analysis of the developments in this crucial period are examined in the International Conference

“The Transition from Dictatorship to Democracy: Portugal, Spain, Greece”

which is organized in Athens on 18-19 June, by Nicos Poulantzas Institute, the Politics Department of Panteion University and the New University of Lisbon.

The Conference will examine, among others, the role of the political parties (especially the parties of the Left), the army, the trade-union and student movement, the entrepreneurs, Europe etc.

Speakers include University teachers in the three countries, historians, political scientists and economists. The Conference will start with a critical presentation and discussion of Nicos Poulantzas book The lecture “Nicos Poulantzas and the fall of dictatorships in Southern Europe”.