Colloqium: A Crisis of Civilisation?

Organised by Espaces Marx in cooperation with transform ! europe and the Gabriel Péri Foundation


The current crises – economic, social, ecological, democratic and ideological – are interlocked. They reveal that we are in impasse in which not only a capitalist system now reaching its limits, has led us but also a model of relations both between human and nature and amongst humans themselves. Never before the awareness of the wholeness of the world has been as strong as it is nowadays. Can we live together in this world without questioning the values, the principals and models which the Western capitalism endeavours to impose the whole world on behalf of “globalisation”? Is not on the contrary required to conceive a “globality” which would allow a conjoint life in the respect of dialogue and the mix of cultures


Espace Niemeyer

6 avenue Mathurin Moreau

75019 Paris


Friday, 28 January

17.00 – 19.00 Open session with:

  • Geneviève Azam, economist
  • Ariane Mnouchkine, « Théâtre du Soleil »
  • Immanuel Wallerstein, historian and sociologist
  • Jean Ziegler, sociologist, Vice-Président of the UN human rights commitee
  • Patrick Chamoiseau, author (tbc)

20.00 – 22.30 Crisis of Capitalisme : Which crisis ?

  • Jean Christophe Le Duigou, trade unionist
  • Michel Husson, economist, researcher at the IRES
  • Pedro Paez, Former minister of economics of the Republic of Ecuador, coordinator of the “Bank of the South”
  • Stéphanie Treillet, economist, Fondation Copernic



Saturday 29 January

9.30 – 12.00 Which new model of human development

  • Nasser Mansouri, trade unionist, ETUC
  • Frédéric Lebaron, sociologist, Université of the Picardie
  • Aurélie Trouvé, agricultural engineer, Co-president of Attac France
  • Marisa Matias, Sociologist, Vice president of the European Left, MEP (GUE), Portugal

14.00 – 16.30 A New Democracy from the Local to the Global

  • Céline Braconnier, researcher in political sciences
  • Michèle Descolonges, sociologist, University Paris X Nanterrre, president of ASTS
  • Maryse Dumas, trade unionist
  • Marcel Gauchet, Philosopher, chief editor of the magazine « le débat »

17.00 – 19.00 Les nouvelles conditions de la lutte des classes

  • André Tosel, philosopher
  • Isabelle Garo, philosopher
  • François Micquet-Marty, political scientist, president of the instituteViavoice
  • Joachim Bischoff, member of the city council of Hamburg editor of the magazine “Sozialismus”



Marie Pierre Boursier

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