A Basic Income across Europe: Are you kidding me?


Andrey Popov / depositphotos.com

Watch the full video of the webinar here.


The attractiveness of the idea of ​​the Basic Income – an unconditional cash payment for everybody in a country – has enormously increased over the last years in Europe and elsewhere. The financial crisis of 2008, but mostly the ongoing and expected Covid-19 effects, have brought the Basic Income at stake. Scholars and policy-makers alike are now debating about introducing a Basic Income at the national level. But what about the European one? Much has been discussed about the ‘Eurobonds’ and different shared European fiscal frameworks. However, debates about common social policies seem to have been much more unattended. This webinar shall not claim for the introduction of an ‘European Basic Income’ as such. It will rather aim to show the actual debate about this idea, and secondly, to provide participants with some key-arguments and useful data when discussing this controversial proposal.


Adelina Escandell
, retired teacher, graduate in psychology, President of the Fundació l’Alternativa, senator in the current Spanish legislature.

Bru Laín, is affiliate professor of Sociology and Political Theory at the University of Barcelona and a member of Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) and the secretary of the Spanish Basic Income Network (RRB).

Jiri Mäntysalo, Chairperson of the Communist Youth of Finland and member of the Trade Union network of the Party of the European Left.

Tatiana Moutinho
, facilitator of transform! europe in the programme “Cooperation Strategies for Southern Europe” and the President of Cul:tra – Cooperativa Culturas de Trabalho e Socialismo (Portugal).