Hundred Shades of the EU. Mapping the Political Economy of the EU Peripheries


transform! europe presents a comparative study on the political economy of the contemporary European Union with an emphasis on southern and eastern Member States. The study concentrates on the economic, political, and ideological aspects of peripherality in the EU. Watch here the webinar’s recording.


The study is based on the interdisciplinary approaches taken from economics, political science, sociology and history. The study pays attention to the interplay between the economic system, politics and government to understand how they influence each other, while also being sensitive to ideological and symbolic aspects. The core and periphery dynamics represent a perspective that analyses power (economic, political, ideological) inequalities or asymmetries and critical dependencies in the EU. The study concentrates on two euro-peripheries, Southern Europe and Central and South East Europe. It covers 17 Member States analysed from economic, political and ideological perspectives and compared with each other, including their relations to the core. The key aim is to understand how core-periphery dynamics shape the EU and what it means to be a peripheral state in the EU. We concentrate on limits, constraints, opportunities and the historical embeddedness of peripherality, and on problems stemming from the peripheral position in the EU. These questions are answered by focusing on several dimensions of peripherality in the EU: economic peripherality, political peripherality and ideological/symbolic peripherality, and mutual interactions.

Language: English

Tuesday, 14 June 2022
18:00 – 19:30
online, via Zoom


Veronika Sušová-Salminen, Senior researcher responsible for the Central East Europe countries group. MA in comparative history, Ph.D. in Anthropology /Charles University in Prague; Specialisation: history and politics of modern Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and post-soviet space; works as researcher at the Centre of Global Studies (Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences) and as editor-in-chief of webzine !Argument.

Giuseppe Celi, Senior researcher responsible for the Southern Europe countries group. Italian economist, currently Associated Professor of Economics in the University of Foggia. Coordinator of the Ph.D. Programme in Economic Theory at the University of Foggia and Italian Coordinator of the MA Programme Erasmus Mundus Economics of International Trade and European Integration. Recently published, together with other authors, the book “Crisis in the European Monetary Union. A core-periphery perspective”.

Valentina Petrović, Senior researcher responsible for the Southern Eastern countries group. Ph.D. candidate at the SPS Department, at the European University Institute in Florence. Postdoc at the Department of Sociology at the University of Zurich.


Tatiana Moutinho, facilitator of transform! europe in the programme “Cooperation Strategies for Southern Europe»

Dagmar Švendová, facilitator of transform! europe in the programme: «Central and Eastern European Strategy».

Study commissioned by transform! europe with support of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation.