15th Annual Nicos Poulantzas Memorial Lecture – Konstantinos Tsoukalas – «For a new Republic [Politeia]?»

The 15th Annual Nicos Poulantzas Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Konstantinos Tsoukalas, professor emeritus of Sociology, University of Athens.

About “Nicos Poulantzas Memorial Lecture”:

The annual “Nicos Poulantzas Memorial Lecture” was launched in December 2007 and has been continuously delivered since then by eminent intellectuals from different countries on a theoretical issue of their choice. The Lecture is not intended to deal narrowly with Nicos Poulantzas’ work, but with the many issues and theoretical perspectives it covers, such as Marxism, socialism and social emancipation, world capitalism, the role of the state, social classes, political economy, political ecology, social movements etc. which at the same time can be useful in political practice.

About the speaker:

Konstantinos Tsoukalas is professor emeritus of Sociology in the University of Athens, docteur es Lettres et Sciences Humaines of the University of Paris. He studied Law in Athens and Philosophy of Law ans Sociology in Heidelberg, Munich, Paris and the USA (Yale). He teached at the University of Paris, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Athens. He was also the scientific director and president of the National Centre of Sociall Research (EKKE) and a visiting professor to the Universities Columbia, Princeton, NYU, CUNY, Iztapalapa, Paris I etc. Alongside other significant academic and public positions, he has been a permanent member of the “Carrefour pour la science et la culture” established by the EU under the presidency of Jacques Delors, member of the Board of the National Museum of Modern Art (EMST) and president of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture. He was also an elected member of the Greek parliament with the political party of SYRIZA in 2015.


Wednesday, 8 December

18:00 – 20:00 CET


  • Costas Douzinas