Workers’ Struggles in Globalised China – Paralells and Points of Contacts with Europe

Conference in Vienna


The conference sets the focus on China (and Europe): “On Workers’ Struggles from East to West: New Perspectives on Labour Disputes in Globalised China” (the exact title of the conference)

The conference aims not only to bring together researchers and activists but also from two different regions of the world to discuss – in solidarity with the labour movements – key features of labour relations and workers’ struggles in China and Europe and, thereby, to encourage further cooperation in scientific and activist terms.

So the conference will be an event probably not seen before regarding speciality, quality and broadness: The invited and confirmed  speakers are world-wide known and top in their fields like Prof. Chang Kai (Beijing, he was a mastermind for the shaping of the new Chinese labour law from the workers’ view and was  intermediator on behalf of the workers at the big strike at Honda last year), Prof. Pun Ngai (Beijing, Hong Kong – she wrote famous books on (female) workers in China), Prof. Anita Chan and Prof. Jonathan Unger (Australia), Helmut Peters (Germany, doyen of sinologists), and from the activist side labour NGO’s from China and persons like Gianni Rinaldini, former secretary of FIOM (Italy).

The conference is open, free of charge and targeted for participation especially to activists and researchers all over Europe. There has been a second call for papers addressing further contributions (deadline: June 20).  Although around 30 speakers have been confirmed  until now basically additional proposals are welcome.

The conference is organized and sponsored by Transform Europe, Transform Austria, Renner Institute (aligned with the Austrian Socialdemocrats), Gruene Bildungswerkstatt (aligned with the Austrian Green Party), Weltumspannend arbeiten (Organisation within the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions), Arbeiterkammer Austria (Official representation of employees in Austria) and University of Vienna (Department of Political Science, Department of East Asian Studies, Department of Development Studies).

It is intended to document the conference and to continue a Chinese-Europe network on these issues. The conference will open on Thursday evening (September 22) with a public discussion at the University of Vienna. From September 23-24 the Conference will be held at the Renner Institute in Vienna, Kheslplatz 12, 1120

The basic language of the conference will be English; but interpreters will be provided.

For further information about the conference please visit the homepage of the conference or contact the organizers:  labourchina.ostasien[ a ]

Josef Baum, Transform Austria,

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