The Normalisation of Pushbacks at the EU Borders


This is the second webinar of the series: “Resisting the normalization of Pushbacks”.


During pushbacks, refugees and migrants who attempt to cross a border, are violently forced back over that border – most frequently, immediately after they crossed it – without consideration of their individual circumstances and without any possibility to apply for asylum or the chance to put forward arguments against the measures taken. This leads to the violation of the principle of non-refoulment and in praxis puts the lives of those pushed back in immediate danger. Despite this fact and even though pushbacks are very often documented by movements and civic society, EU state governments, have being deploying pushbacks as a method of border control. In this webinar we will discuss about the current developments around pushbacks in Europe and explore strategies to put an end to these human practices.

Join us and discuss with us:

  • What is the situation with pushbacks right now at the EU inner and
    outer border?
  • Who is responsible for the pushbacks happening?
  • How can we resist them?

In cooperation with the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (EIPCP).

About the series:
The series is devoted to questions of pushbacks and the externalisation of the EU border regime. It consists of three webinars on this theme including the presentation of a new paper on the role of Austria in this field. The first two webinars will provide insights in the broader context of the topic and discuss strategies to deal with this situation from a leftist activist point of view.

Upcoming Webinar:
Austria and the Fortress Europe, Wednesday, 6/4/2022