Otto Bauer’s „The Austrian Revolution“

Book Presentation

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Join us for a discussion marking the publication of Otto Bauer’s magisterial work in English, The Austrian Revolution.


Austro-Marxism is best known for its municipal-policy reforms symbolized by ‘Red Vienna’―a vital part of the left’s intellectual and historical heritage. Otto Bauer’s book, available in English for the first time, tells the story of the Austrian Revolution with all the immediacy of a central participant, and all the insight of a brilliant and original theorist.

This book charts the disintegration of Austria-Hungary’s multinational empire and the revolutionary wave that led to short-lived council republics in Hungary and Bavaria. Along with a chronology of these revolutionary events, Bauer sets out his original views on the socialist transformation of capitalist society. His ideas are relevant to a multitude of contemporary strategies and movements, including Right to the City initiatives and the experiences of progressive municipal governments, making his work a crucial resource for the left today.

UK readers purchase The Austrian Revolution here.

Hilary Wainwright
 is a British sociologist, political activist and socialist feminist. She is a founding editor of Red Pepper magazine.

Mike Davis is the author of City of Quartz, Late Victorian Holocausts, Buda’s Wagon, and Planet of Slums. He is the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship and the Lannan Literary Award.

Walter Baier is a Vienna based economist and co-ordinator of the network transform! europe. He was National Chairman of the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ) from 1994 to 2006.

Dunja Larise (chair) lectures on political theory and empirical studies of international politics. She holds a PhD in political theory from the University of Vienna.