Othering the Other: Migration and Media Disinformation


In this webinar we will discuss the nexus between fake news, misinformation and migration. We will explore the impact of fake news in the migration discourse, and also give insights on the mechanics of fake news and how they are weaponized by far right and fascist groups.


Tenerife Antirrumores and the Disinfaux Collective will focus on the cases of Tenerife and Lesbos respectively, and together with Fulvia Teano, a young researcher who focuses on the case of Riace, we will explore the transnational aspects of the issue.


Disinfaux Collective
Daura Vera Hernandez (Tenerife Antirrumores, Spain)
Fulvia Teano (researcher, Italy)

Katerina Anastasiou (transform! europe)

Monday, 8.2.2021
18:30 – 20:30 (CET)